Summer time means bright days and bright colors! Why not be playful and try a bold new color on your hair? Our Vivids Collection has amazing shades to choose from for a fun new summer ‘do and the best part is you can mix them to create a playful summer custom blend! 


Bold colors are fun and beautiful, but in order to achieve them you have to have the right starting canvas. Our vivid colors work best on medium blonde to light blonde hair. The lighter the hair, the brighter the shade! Keep in mind how these will deposit on the hair will be based on your hair type. If your hair is not a blonde tone, we recommend picking up our Keracanvas Complete Hair Lightening & Toning System! Our bleach kit includes creme bleach, 35 volume developer, and gloves. Start by prelighting the midshaft to ends of your hair, and applying on your roots last. The heat from your scalp speeds up the lifting process, so don’t forget to apply on your roots last! Virgin hair lifts better and evenly compared to already colored hair. Some may find they need more than one application to get their desired results! This is the perfect way to achieve a lighter tone before applying your favorite vivid shade!

Vivid Shades & Cocktails

Our Vivids Collection is bright and insanely fun! We have 7 bold shades to choose from: Red, Hot Pink, Lemon, Emerald, Teal, Blue, Purple. If you check out our Instagram feed (@keracolorhair) you can see the wide variety of colors and just how fab they are! These colors are perfect for summer and eye catching! The best part about our Color + Clenditioners is they are completely customizable and let's be honest, who doesn't want a custom color? While you can go crazy and blend however you want, we have some pretty fun cocktails we think you should try:

  • Red & Lemon- play with the ratios of these colors to create the perfect Orange hue!
  • Lemon & Hot Pink- A melon tone oh so sweet on your hair!
  • Teal & Blue- Bold Ocean Vibes!
  • Hot Pink & Purple-A Magenta Fave!

Maintaining Vivids

Vivid tones are everything! They make you stand out and you get endless compliments while rocking these fun shades. However, trying to prevent them from fading is near impossible and keeping these bright is definitely a commitment. For vivid tones, the less you wash, the better. If you tend to wash your hair everyday, you’re gonna have to slow your roll now! We recommend refreshing with your Vivid Color + Clenditioner 1-2 times a week to keep the color looking fresh. When you're not using your Vivid, cleansing with our Original Clenditioner will help lock in color without depositing more color. For more information on our OG Clenditioner, check out our blog about all the amazing benefits hereAlso, we hope you like cold water because THAT is what works best to preserve that beautiful color of yours😉. Hot water is great, but the heat actually opens up the cuticle and dries out the hair. This actually causes the color to fade faster, which is the last thing we want after working so hard to get the perfect vivid hair color! If you can’t handle the cold showers (we don’t blame you) try quick washes in the sink instead! It’s hard to avoid swimming and sun in these hot summer months, it’s what makes this season fun! However, salt water, chlorine, and sunshine will speed up the fading process. We recommend a hat and keeping your precious strands above water when swimming. While it is a process to keep these bold shades bright, it is beyond worth it for how great these colors make your hair look!

Removing Vivids

Depending on your hair type, some strands hold on to vivids better than others. If you're ready to switch up your Color + Clenditioner shade, we recommend starting washing a couple times a week with our Fade Effect Shampoo! Fade Effect is a sulfate-free fading shampoo that gently cleanses your hair and scalp while fading out any direct dye hair color. This will help speed up the fading process and prep your hair for the next vivid tone! Keep in mind how your hair fades depends on your hair type and intensity of the shade you're trying to remove. A cleanser designed to instantly fade, dull, and help erase direct dye pigments. Vitamin C infusion provides maximum gentle color lift, while Keratin, Biotin, and Coconut Oil boost the hair with nutrition. We recommend pairing this with our Original Clenditioner for additional moisture, or follow with Purify Plus for added strength, softness and shine! If you want a faster way of removing these vivid pigments, it’s best to consult with a salon professional or use a direct dye remover. 

Intense pigments that make people do a double take when you walk by… who doesn’t want to grab people's attention with their looks? Our Vivids Collection is colorful, fun, and allows you to have fun by creating your own custom blend! Be sure to check out the trends on Instagram and scroll through our feed to get some inspo for your next color! Don’t forget to tag us in your selfies (@keracolorhair) letting us know your go-to vivid for the summer… you just might get featured! Be kind to your hair with our products while prepping, maintaining, and switching out those vivids babe! 



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