Fade Effect

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  • Color fading shampoo 
  • Works with semi-permanent direct hair dye colors
  • Bring down color intensity
Fade Effect is a sulfate-free fading shampoo that gently cleanses your hair and scalp while fading out any direct dye hair color. Works well with Keracolor’s Color + Clenditioner color line.

Too bright or just want to switch up your look? Bring down the color intensity to get the your desired hue. Keracolor’s Fade Effect is a color fading shampoo designed to instantly fade, dull, and help erase direct dye pigments. A Vitamin C infusion provides maximum gentle color lift, while Keratin, Biotin, and Coconut Oil boost the hair with nutrition. Pair with Keracolor Clenditioner for additional moisture, or follow with Purify Plus for added strength, softness and shine.*Results may vary.

  • Color fading shampoo
  • Works with direct hair dye colors
  • Bring down color intensity
The kindest of color
  • All Keracolor products are: Sulfate, Paraben + Gluten free
  • Keratin infused formula
  • Kind ingredients include: Biotin, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin C
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  1. Apply Fade Effect color removing shampoo to clean wet hair.
  2. Lather shampoo from roots to ends for 1-5 minutes gently working through the hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Original Keracolor Clenditioner.
  4. Follow with Keracolor’s Color + Clenditioners for a new color change or with Purify Plus or Purify Plus Light for added strength, softness and shine.
When to use: Use 1–2 times a week to gently fade semi-permanent color, until desired level of fading is achieved*

*Results will vary based on your current shade, hair health and hair porosity

*For removing direct dyes only.

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Exceeded expectations

I used teal Clenditioner + Color two months ago to dye my hair teal. I am now ready to switch to light pink. As you know, blue dyes are the hardest to get rid of. So I thought it was worth a shot to order Fade Effect to see if it would help fade the teal before I bleach and switch to light pink. I shampooed with Fade Effect four times over two weeks and each time, my hair got a little lighter. I actually think it looked lighter the day after shampooing every time. It's like Fade Effect keeps working after you shampoo. I just bleached my hair today and I am pleased to report that it is completely white blonde. There is no trace of teal or light blue like I was expecting. Previously, when I have bleached my teal hair, it would still have a light blue tint to it. So I think the Fade Effect really worked! It lightened the teal just enough that bleaching took care of the rest. Knowing that I've bleached teal hair before with poor results, I have to think my success this time was because I used Fade Effect.