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Genuinely love this!

I am so glad I found this product! I get so many compliments. The tips of my hair are bleached, but I’m a natural blonde so I get a nice ombré effect. I typically use it every other wash. I haven’t needed to go to the salon in months because I’m so in love with the copper look. I also use the light pink one, which on further thought I’m going to switch to hot pink just to add vibrancy.

White 12oz bottle with a white label. Contains Keracolor color + clenditioner copper.
Katie Chapin

Silver Blue is perfect!

My stylist recommended this to me. I was letting a blue/purple/green fade out of my naturally silver hair, and roots were showing a lot. I tried this and it's like magic! I have a pastel silvery blue color all over, looks wonderful on this not young person. I may keep this, or go with the pastel green, or use the silver to gradually get my hair to it's original color. I love this product!

White 12oz bottle with a white label. Contains Keracolor color + clenditioner silver blue.
Debra Lentz

Works better with each wash!

I was expecting it to work right away but it doesn’t lol. But you get more color payoff with each wash since it is not a hair dye per say. So it doesn’t have that chemically smell and actually smells pleasant. But color does fade if you don’t use it every wash or two. Therefore, don’t treat it like a dye. No matter how long you keep it on your hair it doesn’t make it more intense (at least for me). It’s really about consistency.

White 12oz bottle with a white label. Contains Keracolor color + clenditioner red.
Jane Smith

Makes my hair shiny

This was recommended to me by a hair dresser who said that I had rust build up on my hair because I have well water. I also color my hair every 4 weeks so it was effecting the color application. I use this after showering instead of conditioning in the shower. I layer my other products over this without building up. I makes my hair shiny and healthy looking and does not interfere with styling products or make my hair limp.

A white bottle of Keracolor purify plus on a white background