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  • Kit includes: creme bleach, developer, and gloves
  • Creme bleach with 8 level lift
  • Lifts hair while toning brass tones out
Create the perfect canvas for color

Keracolor’s hair lightening & toning system transforms your hair into a perfect canvas for bold and beautiful color!

This violet-based creme bleach prepares and lifts all hair types while cancelling yellow tones during bleaching. Your full range of Color + Clenditioners™ will show vibrant and true to tone thanks to a keratin infusion and bond builder designed to help boost hair with the inner strength it needs. Biotin and coconut oil replenish nourishment to hair so your artistic expressions maintain a healthy elasticity that feels as good as it looks. This powerful creme bleach can lift up to 8 levels, so let’s create the ideal color canvas and let your true color shine!

Kit includes: creme bleach, developer, and gloves

  • Lifts hair while toning brass tones out
  • Creme bleach with 8 level lift
  • Paired with strengthening and nourishing ingredients
The kindest of color
  • All Keracolor products are: Sulfate, paraben + gluten free
  • Keratin infused formula
  • Kind ingredients include: coconut oil, biotin, bond builder
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
Perform a skin allergy patch test 48 hours before each use of KERACANVAS product.

  1. Add full contents* of bleach tube to plastic or ceramic bowl.DO NOT use metal bowls or metal tools.
  2. Mix in full contents of developer bottle. Stir until the mixture is a smooth consistency and there are no lumps. *If you are only doing your roots and/or do not require as much product, mix one part bleach to two parts developer. Use a scale for accuracy. For example, 1oz of bleach would be mixed with 2oz of developer.
  1. Wear included gloves and cover clothing. Start with dry, un-shampooed and detangled hair. Start at the crown of the head and work in small sections. Finish your roots last, as they tend to lift faster.
  2. Using a hair applicator brush, fully saturate each section, working the bleach down the hair. Leave the roots for the last step, as they will lift quicker.
  3. After all sections are fully saturated go back and apply bleach to your roots* and any missed spots.
  4. Wait 30-45 min paying close attention to the condition of your hair while processing. Check every 10 min. To check the process, wipe excess product from a small of piece of hair using your gloved hand. If the hair is not lightened enough, leave mixture on longer. DO NOT leave on for more than 45 minutes!
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, ensuring that all product is washed out.

*If you are only bleaching your roots, do not apply over previously bleached hair. Overlapping could cause excessive damage to hair.


What volume of developer is included in the Keracanvas Kit?

Keracanvas includes a 35 volume cream developer. This volume of developer is NOT recommended for on-scalp application.

Do I need to wear gloves when applying Keracanvas?

Yes, we recommend wearing gloves when applying bleach to your hair. One pair of latex gloves is included in the Keracanvas Hair Lightening System.

How long should I leave Keracanvas bleach on my hair?

This will vary by person and the condition of the hair. We recommend leaving 30-45 min and paying close attention to the hair during the lifting process. Check every 10 minutes. We do NOT recommend leaving Keracanvas on for more than 45 minutes to avoid hair damage. Bleach dries out when you are doing an open air lifting process and will gradually become less active. Be sure you are keeping the hair fully saturated to ensure it does not stop lifting too early. If you have virgin hair (no color ever), you will require less processing time than someone with color treated hair. Darker hair usually needs longer processing times, whereas blondes generally require less. If you experience any irritation or discomfort during the lifting process, rinse immediately.

How many levels of lift will Keracanvas provide?

Keracanvas can lift up to 8 levels. This will all depend on the starting level, condition, porosity, and if your hair has been previously colored. If you are starting with color treated or darker hair, you will not see this amount of lift in one session.

Will the health of my hair affect my results when using Keracanvas?

Yes! The health of your hair matters and will greatly affect your outcome when using any bleach on the hair. If your hair is dry from chlorine, styling with heat, products, or previously lightening, we recommend consulting with a salon professional on how to repair your hair. The healthier the hair is prior to using Keracanvas, the better results you will see.

Will Keracanvas bleach damage my hair?

Bleach strips pigment from the hair, and there is always a risk when pre-lightening the hair due to how drying it can be. If you follow the instructions properly and don’t over-process your hair, the risk is minimalized. We recommend conditioning very well after bleaching your hair. If you have any major questions or concerns about lightening your hair, we recommend consulting with a salon professional.

What is a test strand and why is it important?

Before applying Keracanvas bleach, we recommend doing a test strand. A test strand is a preliminary test on a small strand of hair (we recommend near the nape of the neck) that will determine if your hair is strong enough to handle pre-lightening. Take a small strand of hair (think the width of your pinky) near the nape of your neck. Apply Keracanvas to the entire test strand, but not on your scalp. Process 30-45 min, checking every 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. A test strand is important as it will show you how many levels of lift you can expect to see, but also because you will be able to see if it is healthy enough to lift and still feel nice afterwards. Doing a test strand on darker hair is a good idea as it will show you how many levels of lift you can expect to see, so you can plan ahead if you need more than one kit to do another application later on or if you will need a special toner.

Will one Keracanvas kit be enough for my entire head?

This will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have shorter hair, one box will be plenty. However, if you have long, thick hair, more than one box may be required. More than one application may be required if you have darker hair and are trying to get to a lighter blonde tone. If this is the case, do not apply bleach more than once within 24 hours. We recommend waiting 3 weeks between applications to avoid sensitivity or damage.

Can I use Keracanvas consecutively if I didn’t get my hair light enough after one application?

We do not recommend doing applications of Keracanvas back to back. You will need to wait at a minimum of 3 weeks before bleaching again. It is important to wait until the cuticle of the hair has closed and your hair has healed before applying Keracanvas again. If done before then, you risk breakage and damage to the hair. Trying to go from dark to light can be a long process and takes time. Be patient during each phase to protect the integrity of your hair. We recommend consulting with a salon professional for any major hair change, especially color corrections.

Why do I have a section of hair that lifted differently than the rest of my head?

Uneven lifting happens for many reasons, in the hair world this is called banding. If you have previously colored areas of your hair, the color treated hair will be harder to lift and look differently vs areas that have not been color treated. If you have pre-lightened pieces, these will lift lighter and quicker than other parts of your hair. If you are applying next to previously bleached hair, be sure not to overlap Keracanvas on to the lighter hair to avoid breakage. Long answer in short: If you currently have unevenness in your hair, it will lift unevenly.

Can I remove my current direct dye color with Keracanvas?

No. We do NOT recommend using bleach to remove our Color + Clenditioners or any other direct dye. When bleach is applied on direct dye shades, it actually drives the pigment deeper into the hair. This results in uneven and unpredictable colors. For best results, we recommend a direct dye remover. Depending on the hair type and the intensity of the shade, more than one application may be required.

Can I mix Keracanvas bleach with Color + Clenditioners?

No, Keracanvas can not be mixed with anything other than the developer it comes with. Bleach is used to lift or lighten your current hair color, whereas direct dyes deposit only. Mixing these two could give unpredictable results, and risk damage to the hair. After using Keracanvas and rinsing thoroughly, your desired Color + Clenditioner shade can be applied.

Can I color my hair with the Color + Clenditioners right after bleaching?

Yes! Once you have thoroughly rinsed Keracanvas bleach from your hair, you can apply your desired Color + Clenditioner shade!

Can I use Keracanvas on henna, relaxed, or keratin treated hair?

No, we do NOT recommend bleaching over henna color. Extreme chemical reactions can happen when bleach touches this due to the metallic salts within henna color. Relaxing the hair is a powerful chemical process, so applying bleach to relaxed hair can lead to brittle, broken strands. We recommend consulting with a salon professional if you have henna or relaxed hair about how to go about achieving lighter hair gradually in a safe way. We recommend a test strand for keratin treated hair, as the effect bleach will have depends on your hair type.

Can I use Keracanvas to bleach my eyebrows or other facial hair?

Never. We do not recommend applying bleach on your facial hair or body hair. Eyebrow hair is more delicate than the hair on our head. The risk is high for your eyebrow hair to break off as well as risking a chemical burn if the bleach touches your skin around your brows. We only recommend using Keracanvas for the hair on your head.

Will Keracanvas ruin my curly hair?

Curl patterns can be affected during the lifting process with bleach. When bleach is applied the cuticle is lifted when removing pigments, which can cause damage to the protein bonds in the hair. Because of this, you may find your curl becomes less defined or looking a little more loose. Most salon professionals use a lower volume developer to safely lighten curly hair. If you are concerned about your curl pattern being affected, we recommend consulting with your stylist.

Can I use Keracanvas on my extensions?

Keracanvas can be used on 100% real human hair extensions. Be sure you are thoroughly saturating the hair for an even lift. Bleach can NOT be used on synthetic hair extensions due to not having pigment that real hair does. Doing so will result in broken, damaged extensions.

Is Keracanvas safe to use while pregnant?

No, we do not recommend using Keracanvas if you are pregnant.

Can I use Keracanvas on my child’s hair?

No, we do not recommend using Keracanvas on children. Children tend to have finer, less mature hair than adults. Hormones play a big part in the way our hair reacts to chemicals. If your child is 13 or older, we recommend consulting with a salon professional about pre-lightening the hair. Can I use Keracanvas on animals? No, no, no, and NO. We do NOT recommend using Keracanvas on any animal! "

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didn’t quite turn out blonde, but really helps lighten the hair and roots. if you’re hoping it will get you to blonde you will need another round of bleach to do so!