The Original Clenditioner

The Original Clenditioner

While we all love a good vibrant shade of color, one of our main products needs the spotlight this summer! Our Original Clenditioner has so many benefits and ways to spruce up your go-to color cocktails, below are the perks of why we think you need to get your hands on the OG of all the clenditioners!

Benefits to using the OG Clenditioner

Our Original Clenditioner is a 2-in-1 product that gently cleanses and conditions all at once! Swap your current shampoo out for this! Over using cleansers dull the vibrancy of hair color and strip it faster than we want. However, the Original Clenditioner is the perfect product to have on hand for the washes in between your refreshes with the Color + Clenditioners. The sud-free and light-weight formula helps to lock in that vibrancy we love and lock in your color a little longer! Containing Keracolor’s Krystal Water Complex™, this will help neutralize chlorine & trace minerals that try to steal the color, shine, and softness from your precious locks. The OG is nothing but kind to your hair, leaving it feeling silky and increasing the shine!

Custom Cocktails with OG Clenditioner

Using our Original Clenditioner as a stand alone is great, but you know what's even better? Mixing it with all of our Color + Clenditioners to create a custom color! Adding this to your favorite shade will dilute the intensity of the color for a muted look! Love Copper, but feel it’s too bold of an orange? Add the OG. Love Purple, but wish we had a lilac? Add the OG. This is a great way to create subtle masks for adding depth and shine to your current hair color! We're telling you this creates a whole new list of shades you’ll grow to love!

Original Clenditioner & Purple Toning Drops

Another great way to utilize our Original Clenditioner is to cocktail it with our Purple Toning Drops. While these drops can be mixed with all your favorite cream-based stylers, it’s the perfect addition to your cleansing routine too! Our Purple Toning Drops help neutralize unwanted yellow tones in lighter hair. Mixing 1-5 drops in with the Clenditioner allows you to custom make your own 3-in-1 purple toning cleanser. Take a pump of the Clenditioner and add your desired amount of toning drops, allowing it to sit a minute or two for extra tonal value. BAM! Your hair not only feels amazing, but now it looks it too by toning out the unwanted brassiness! Cleanse, Tone, & Condition in one simple step! You’re Welcome ;)

Color combos, preserving your favorite shade, or creating a purple shampoo can all be achieved with the OG Clenditioner. One product with so many benefits and ways to use it! After cleansing and conditioning with our Original Clenditioner, try following it up with our Preserve Plus this summer! Another great summer product that fights frizz and keeps your hair looking fab! Be sure to tag us in all your pics on insta @keracolorhair for a chance to be featured and let us know your favorite color cocktail using the OG!

💖 XOXO, Keracolor 💖

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