Welcome To Keralove

Welcome To Keralove


Whether you’re wanting to spice things up in your at-home salon (aka your bathroom with you-tube propped up giving you Brad Mondo’s best advice) or refreshing in between your professional salon visits, our Color + Clenditioner shades have something to offer for everyone! 

From how the color wheel works in the hair industry to fun cocktail ideas with our shades, it’s our mission to keep it fun while having you learn about the importance and reasoning behind how and why our hair works the way it does.  We kera-lot about keeping you up to date with all things hair!

Are you ready to experience all that Keralove has to offer? We hope you kera-nough to check in bi-weekly and make this your go-to place for all trends, tips, tricks, color and product knowledge! 

XOXO, Keracolor

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