Spring is about to be sprung and that means all things pastel are on the horizon! If you’re wanting a bubble gum pink or an array of colors to look like a unicorn, our Pastel Color + Clenditioners can help you achieve your goal. While you’re in the process of pinning all your inspo looks, be sure to also keep in mind these shades are harder to maintain. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay looking fresh for the spring with your light-hued do’s!

The Pre-Pastel Process

While we all swoon over the stunning pastel pics we see online, the one thing many don’t realize is the process it takes to get there. If your hair is blonde, you’re in luck and have it slightly easier than the brunettes. Either way, hair needs to be pre-lightened in order for a pastel color to deposit. The inside of a banana peel is a good reference to think of when trying to lift. If hair is too yellow or dark in tone, you risk the color not turning out right or worse, not seeing any color deposit at all. It’s best to consult with a salon professional about the appropriate way to go about the lightening process with your specific hair type. However, our Keracanvas Lightening & Toning System is great if you prefer to do your own int he comfort of your own home! Keep in mind when lifting, some hair types may require more than one application to achieve a lighter level blonde. This process can take some time, but once you’re light enough…the real fun begins!

Looks Can Be Deceiving 

More often than not, we pick a color for our hair and wind up wondering how in the world it didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped. The biggest thing to remember with coloring your hair a fashion shade, is that what you start with deciphers your end result. If you apply our Rose Gold Color + Clenditioner on medium blonde strands it will be a darker, less noticeable shade of pink. Applying on nearly white hair on the other hand, will give you the true rose gold look. When trying to get the exact tone or color you have in your inspo pics, always remember where you're starting. Our Color + Clenditioner are buildable meaning they deposit more and more with each wash. If you apply Light Pink once, it might be a very very faint color and not last long. Washing multiple times will give you a deeper tone and be a lot more noticeable! We always recommend more than one wash when using our Pastel Collection. The lighter the hair + multiple applications= The better end result!

Maintenance & Upkeep 

Pastels are picture perfect, but maintaining them are not. Washing your hair too often will strip any color over time, but especially lighter pastel hair. We recommend refreshing with your desired Pastel Color + Clenditioner 1-2 times a week, sometimes more if your hair type requires it. If you are someone who only washes your hair once a week, you may need to set aside extra time to do an additional application to keep up the vibrancy of your color. Another great trick is to wash your hair in cold water! Colder water keeps the cuticle of your hair closed and helps hold on to your color for longer periods of time. This is a great tip for any hair color you use, but especially for fashion colors! 

Pastels to choose from that are BLOOMING with good vibes:

Pro Tip: Watering any of our Pastel Color + Clenditioners with our Original Clenditioner will give you an even lighter tone!

Spring is almost here, kerababes! Time to get prepared! Pick your Pastel color for the season and Bloom, Baby, Bloom! Be sure to tag us in your pics on insta @keracolorhair for a chance to be featured this season 


XOXO, Keracolor

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