Everyone loves wild fashion shades, but with fall here it’s fun to try some darker looks! Our Natural selections are perfect for going darker this season, and if you need a little spice- we have some fun shades you can still use for the spooky season!  👻


We have 7 natural colors to choose from in our Color + Clenditioners. Blonde or brunette, there’s something for everyone! Keep in mind though that our Keracolor shades do not have the ability to lighten or lift your current hair color. If you already have a dark brown hair color, applying shades like Honey will not work for you as our Color + Clenditioners only have the ability to deposit color. If you’re blonde- the best colors to use solo on your hair would be Honey, Copper, Merlot, or Mocha Latte! If you have very light brown hair- using any of our naturals would be great besides Honey! Check out our Naturals Collection below:



We have a few brunette shades to choose from so let us tell you the difference to ensure you grab the right one!

Mocha Latte- on blonde hair this gives you the perfect “bronde” tone, and on darker blonde it gives the “mushroom brown” effect. This is our newest Naturals shade and a fan favorite!

Mocha- an ashy light brown shade that works best on dark blonde hair or darker. This has a cool undertone so applying this on too blonde of hair should be avoided. 

Espresso- a warmer, rich dark brunette color that looks beyond gorgeous! While this is a warmer tone, because it is so dark this is not recommended for light blonde hair. If applied on too light of hair you risk it fading green. Be sure to apply on very dark blonde hair or darker to achieve best results!



Obviously these colors are gorg on their own, but making a witchy potion is way more fun if you ask us! Here are some of the best fall blends we love using the Natural shades:

Merlot & Mocha or Merlot & Espresso- Light or dark brown options with just the right amount of auburn mixed in! 

Copper & Honey- Pumpkin Spice Latte vibes!

Copper & Espresso- A yummy copper brunette combo!

If you’re up for extra fun you can always mix our natural shades with any colors from our Vivids Collection too! Adding our Red Color + Clenditioner to our brunette colors or even with Copper are great fall options too!


The colder weather is here and it’s time for a new fall look! Whether you’re wanting to take a ride to the dark side or spice it up with a splash of Merlot, you will be FALLing in love with the Naturals Collection! Tag us in your reels and pics on the ‘gram (@keracolorhair) and show us your festive fall styles! 🍂



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