Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte


We love our brunettes a whole latte, so we decided to bring another color to the fam! Our new shade, Mocha Latte just launched and we are pumped! Been trying to find the perfect “bronde”? Well look no more, because Mocha Latte is about to be your new fave! Our brunette shades are all gorg, but how do you know which one is for you? Don’t sweat babe, we’re here to explain the difference between Espresso, Mocha, and Mocha Latte so you can be sure you click “add to cart” on the right one! 😉


If very dark, rich hair is your vibe then a shot of Espresso is just what you need! This Color + Clenditioner is the darkest brown we offer and will leave your hair looking extra rich and shiny. This deep brunette shade is on the warmer side which makes it reflective and enhances healthy looking hair. Espresso is recommended for very dark blonde hair or darker. If it is used on too light of hair, you run the risk of it turning green. When blondes want to go dark, generally salon professionals have to do something called ‘filling the hair’. This basically puts the missing pigment back into your hair (that was stripped out from lightning) for an even end result. When coloring at home, most don’t have the knowledge of what to “fill” their hair with and because everyone’s hair varies for a variety of reasons, we can’t recommend how to do it unless we see it in person. If you are trying to go from a very light blonde to a very dark brown quickly, we recommend consulting with your salon professional. However, if you want to babystep your way to the brunette family, we have a few other options you can try. If you are someone who goes into the salon frequently, this is perfect for maintaining your already dark color between visits! 

espresso color



Mocha is a medium brown color that is on the ashy side. This is a stepping stone for those that have a bronde or dark blonde that are wanting to test out the dark side! This is not recommended for lighter hair due to its cool base. If your hair is a lighter shade of blonde or a blonde that has warm yellow tones, applying this blue based color will turn those precious strands green during the fade out process. We 10/10 do NOT recommend taking a chance on that ;) Mocha is the perfect Color + Clenditioner to keep on hand for not only maintaining a medium brown shade, but also for refreshing lighter brown ‘highlights’! 


Mocha Latte

You know we had to save the best for last babe! Introducing our NEW brew-tiful Color + Clenditioner: Mocha Latte! The perfect pick me up for so many reasons! This is a light brown tone that is ashy, but unlike Mocha, does not have the strong blue base. (No worrying about that green hair girl!) If you are a blonde and wanting to baby step your way darker, Mocha Latte is your new BFF! Not only does it give our blondies a chance to go Bronde, but you can now achieve that perfect mushroom brown we all are obsessed with! The best part about Mocha Latte is that while it is a buildable color and can be maintained, it also can be a quick temporary brunette shade that has a great fading process! End of summer is nearing and those blonde highlights you have can now be turned the perfect ‘bronde’ tone for the fall! Are you ready to take a sip of this Mocha Latte?

We love our brunettes and love making colors espressily for those wanting to be one! Whether you like mild, medium, or bold, we dare you to just brew it and go dark! Afterall, fall is right around the corner so there really is no better time. Go ahead, and mocha our day by picking up our new Mocha Latte Color + Clenditioner and tag us in your reels or before & afters (@keracolorhair). What are you waiting for babe, grab yourself our new shade- you’re gonna love this newbie a whole latte!



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