Maintaining and Refreshing Hair Color at Home

Maintaining and Refreshing Hair Color at Home

POV: You just walked out of the salon, feeling like a 10, and about to take 32874698 selfies. 📷 Lord knows this moment needs to be documented in perfect lighting, because none of us can recreate the look our stylists do no matter how hard we try! A day or two later the dreaded moment of washing your hair comes, and the annoying process of your color fading slowly starts 😭. Don’t stress babe, just follow these tips and tricks for how to maintain the color you love until your next salon visit

😤👊Fighting the Fade

First things first: your water! Water opens up the cuticle of your hair which can allow color to come out. If you have hard water, it’s even worse because minerals can speed up your color fading even more and leave a dingy yellow or orange tint. While it’s obviously impossible to avoid ever washing our hair, we can limit the amount of washes we are doing during the week. If you’re used to washing daily, trying to wash every few days might be a daunting task. Try picking up a dry shampoo to help absorb some of your oils! Our Color Me Clean Dry Shampoos are great for certain colors, you can find them here. 

Dry shampoos are great to use while pushing your washes farther apart and even help give a little grit.. helloooo volume! We know a hot shower is what we all love at the end of a stressful day, but did you know hot water will cause your color to fade faster? The cuticle of your hair opens even farther when it's doused in hot water. Luke warm or cold water works best when cleansing to prolong your color. If using cold water in the shower is a hard pass for you, try doing quick washes in your sink! 

We love the summer, but it is one of the worst seasons for our hair color! Sea salt, chlorine, sunshine, sunscreen.. All the things we love this season- our color hates! Salt water and chlorine can not only fade your hair color, but have the ability to turn your hair unpredictable colors when you swim too often. Spray sunscreens are convenient af, but are easily sprayed on our precious locks without us even realizing. These leave a film or coat on top of our hair that not only ruins our beautiful hues, but can cause damage to our hair. Try dampening your hair and spraying in a leave-in conditioner throughout your hair. Next, toss up in a bun and grab your favorite hat! Protect your hair like you protect your skin this season!

🌈 Refreshing Your Color at Home

Whether you’re rocking blonde, brunette, or fun vivid this summer, we have a variety of options to help keep your hair looking fresh in between your salon visits! If you are a blonde, our Platinum or Silver Color + Clenditioners are going to be your new besties! Platinum has a violet background to help kick those yellow tones to the curb. If you start to see an orange hue in your blonde, our Silver Color + Clenditioner works great to neutralize the brassy tones due to the blue base. Mocha and Espresso are perfect shades for our brunette babes! Mocha is a lighter, ashier brown whereas Espresso is a darker, rich brown with warmer tones. We have plenty of pastel or vivid options if you’re trying to maintain a more playful vibe! There are so many incredible shades and they are all able to be blended for a custom color that suits you. These colors can be used every time you wash, but if you don’t need color deposit that often, washing with our Original Clenditioner works best in between! Our Color + Clenditioners cleanse, deposit color, and condition all at once. The more you wash, the more aggressive the color will be. Our Original Clenditioner is a 2-in-1 that cleanses and conditions, but has no color deposit. The OG helps lock in color while keeping your mane soft and silky!

Pro Tips:

  • Some blondes see a green hue in their hair over time from chlorine. Try neutralizing these tones with our Light Pink Color + Clenditioner *only apply on green areas of hair*
  • Our Purify Plus helps neutralize water’s dulling and drying effects to regain beautiful hair- the perfect add to your summer must haves!
  • Our Color Me Clean Dry Shampoos are perfect for oily days between washes!
  • If playing with a fun temporary shade on your blonde hair and are needing a faster fade-out, try our Fade Effect Shampoo. *NOT recommended unless you want color fading to be sped up*

It may be impossible to avoid color fading, but it IS possible to take precautions to slow the process down and prolong your hair color! Protecting your hair from UV rays, hot water, and salt or chlorine water is so important- take the extra 5 minutes before hitting the beach to prep and cover your precious locks. Be sure you are using color safe shampoos and conditioners. Our Original Clenditioner and our Color + Clenditioners  are perfect for refreshing or maintaining your summer hair color. We want to know how you keep your hair fresh this summer! Tell us your at home color tips and tricks & tag us in your pics on Insta (@keracolorhair) for a chance to be featured!



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