It’s the month of LOVE and we want you to fall in love with all these ideas on how to rep just that! Here is a list of some of the best shades to flaunt this month and of course some tips on how to give your locks a little extra love 💕



Pinks are a fun way to rep the month of February! The options are endless and you can have it be subtle or bold depending on what your personality is. 

Hot Pink is a great color to choose if you're someone who likes to make a statement and have your hair be the first thing anyone notices. When applied on light blonde hair, this is a vibrant shade of pink that is impossible not to notice! 

Light Pink is a better fit with those who want subtle color, but still a fun shade outside of the normal neutral tones. This is a great option for blondes that are nervous to try anything too bold, but have the ability to build the intensity with more washes!

Rose Gold gives us all the heart eyes😍 This color can be subtle on dark blonde or lighter hair, but can get darker with multiple washes. It gives off the perfect warm rosey tones that everyone swoons over!


Red is a favorite in our vivids collection and will definitely have you looking like you’re bleeding love ❤️‍🔥 This is perfect to cocktail with any color if you want to add a little spice! Some of our favorite combos:

-Red & Copper

-Red & Merlot

-Red & Hot Pink

-Red & the Original Clenditioner

-Red & Mocha

-Red & Merlot

…you had me at Merlot! Merlot is a rich burgundy color that stuns on just about anyone! This adds vibrant hues to most hair colors and plays well with others 😉

Cocktail faves with Merlot:

-Merlot & Red

-Merlot & Purple

-Merlot & our Original Clenditioner

-Merlot & Mocha


Flowers and wine are nice, but let’s get real… What is the month of love without some chocolate? When you think of valentines and love inspired hair, brown probably isn’t a color that comes to mind. However, we want to prove you wrong! Our Mocha & Espresso shades are great options for both milk and dark chocolate lovers So what are the differences between the two? Mocha is a lighter brown with cooler undertones, whereas Espresso is a darker brown with warmer tones. Rich brunettes are in honey and if you like strawberry dipped chocolates these color combos were made for you:

-Mocha & Red

-Mocha & Rose Gold

-Espresso & Red

-Espresso & Merlot



It’s easy to decide what color you want next, but getting there can sometimes be a challenge. If you are wanting a pastel tone be sure you have light blonde hair first. If you like Red and want it vibrant, remember that the lighter your hair is- the brighter the color will be. Getting into a salon and keeping it affordable is sometimes hard whether it’s finding time away from kiddos or just budgeting for it. As always, we got you babe! Pick up our new Keracanvas lightening kit and you can lift and tone all in the comfort of your own home! Remember that whichever Color + Clenditioner shade you choose, each one can be cocktailed with our Original Clenditioner to make a lighter tone if needed. After you’ve rocked your new shade and are ready for a change you can use the Fade Effect to speed up the fade out process. However, if you’re trying to prolong the color be sure to use the Original Clenditioner when not using the Color + Clenditioners. This helps lock in color while keeping your hair feeling smooth and looking healthy. 

Who doesn’t love LOVE? Whether you’re rocking pinks, reds, or chocolate tones this month.. remember to give your hair the TLC it needs to prep and maintain those fun shades! This month love is in the air, but we like it better when love is in the hair 💖 💖



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