Fade away color

Fade away color

Lets Get Faded!

Our kerababes asked and we are finally delivering! Say HELLO to our new Fade Effect Shampoo! Our new color fading shampoo is just what you need to work towards a clean canvas for your next Keracolor shade!

Keeping It Kind

When wanting to transition to a new hair color, many rush to grab the harshest thing in the drugstore to help strip the last bit of the pesky shade they’re over... and sometimes all you get is damaged hair with your color still there. Many products will leave your hair brittle and extremely dry, making it hard to reapply a new color immediately after. Lucky for you, we decided to change the game with Fade Effect! This helps fade and dull semi-permanent direct dye pigments in a safe way while preserving the condition of your hair. Infused with Vitamin C, our fading shampoo gives the max amount of color lift in the most gentle way possible. So what’s our secret? Keratin, coconut oil, and biotin are all key ingredients! This loads your hair with nutrition, which is essential when trying to strip color. Fade Effect gets the job done without sacrificing the integrity of your hair… You can thank us later ;)

Chill Vibes

While fashion colors are seriously ev-er-y-thing, they can be stubborn af to remove sometimes! Keep in mind the condition of your hair & the color you are trying to remove will all depend on how long it takes for your color to fade completely. Purples, blues, and greens are the hardest to kick. Damaged hair tends to hold on to color longer due to direct dyes depositing deeper into the hair shaft when it isn’t in good condition. Washing with Fade Effect multiple times may be needed. If trying to gradually fade hair over time, use 1-2x a week. Hot water is your new bestie, which is the total opposite of what any stylist has told you after a color service! The outer cuticle layer of the hair is lifted by hot water, so keep your water on the warmer side when washing with Fade Effect to ensure best results. Always remember, what you’re trying to do at home is considered a color correction. Be patient during this process! In a salon, this takes hours and lots of time. There’s a reason your stylist charges an arm and a leg for transitions like this, but Fade Effect will get you there all in due time! Our hair is delicate and patience is required when trying to change our hair color. Fade Effect will help you achieve your goal much quicker than a normal shampoo as it contains Vitamin C. Removing color from the hair can be complex, but Vitamin C helps break down the chemical bonds that hold hair color to your strands. Wash as often as needed, but keep in mind this was created only to help speed up the fading process of direct dyes. Follow with our 2-in-1 Original Clenditioner (no added color) and Purify Plus for added strength and softness! 

Pro tip: never use bleach to remove direct dyes. This actually has the ability to drive the pigments deeper into your hair strands, making it even more difficult to completely remove.

Stage 5 Clinger

No one likes a clinger, but some shades just don’t take a hint. If you’ve done a significant amount of washes with Fade Effect and have the faintest bit of color left, here are a few tricks you can try with our Color + Clenditioners:

  • *Light Pink can be quick washed on hair that has a faint green tone
  • *Platinum can be quick washed on hair that has yellow tones
  • *Silver Blue can be quick washed on hair that has a faint light orange tone
  • -only apply on faded color, never on blonde hair as it will deposit true to tone-

Keep in mind when applying another Keracolor shade over hair that isn’t faded enough, it can create a muddy tone, so using Fade Effect will ensure best results before applying a new shade! *Consult with a salon professional about having a direct dye remover applied if you can’t seem to kick the last of your current color.

No more stressing about how you’re getting from one Color + Clenditioner to the next! We’re looking forward to hearing your success stories with our new Fade Effect Shampoo! Be sure to tag us in all of your pics on Insta @keracolorhair for a chance to be featured!

So what are you waiting for? Lets 👏 Get 👏 Faded 👏



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