Lemon: Our Spring Main Squeeze

Lemon: Our Spring Main Squeeze

Launching Lemon last spring still has us all hyped up for so many reasons. This shade has allowed us to squeeze even more color options out of our Color + Clenditioners. Who else is ready to make lemonade out of the lemons the last couple years have thrown at us? 🤔

Why Lemon is the Zest🍋

After the tough year of 20202, launching Lemon in 2021 was the perfect choice. Yellow is the color of optimism and happiness, which is something we all need a little more of these days. Conveniently enough, this color is perfect for Spring and Summer and we all know what color the sun is OKURR! 👏👏👏Yellow represents sunshine, hope, warmth… basically all the things we’re craving! Adding Lemon hues in your hair this season will not only lift your spirits, but make you turn heads too!

Kindergarten Round Up- Primary Colors

One of the first things we learn about as a kid is our primary colors. Red, Blue, and Yellow are essential in the hair world. When it comes to the hair industry and being creative with color, it all goes back to the basics. Primary Colors! You can do a whole lot with these three simple shades. They are the only ones you cannot create by mixing other colors together, yet you can make every color in the rainbow with just red, blue, & yellow.  For the longest time, yellow was the only one we were missing in our Color + Clenditioner family. Now, we have endless options for you to create a custom blend that suits your personality (and let’s not lie to ourselves- that can change by the day)!

Enhancing with Lemon🍋

Lemon isn’t just for achieving yellow hair, who would’ve thought? This shade is versatile in so many ways, but a huge benefit is using it for enhancement. If you have olive or a cooler skin tone, adding hints of yellow tones in the hair will make the hair look more lively. Using Lemon on brunette hair can add warmth, depth, and richen up your darker locks. If you have more of a neutral skin tone, adding golden hues to copper hair will compliment one another perfectly. Copper with a zest of Lemon would be extremely flattering with this skin tone and add vibrancy. If you're someone that has a warmer skin tone, adding a zest of Lemon to our auburn shade,  Merlot would liven up the hair and compliment the skin well. Lemon will bring life back to the hair, leaving it shiny and feeling smooth.  While it doesn’t lift the level of your hair,  adding these golden hues to the hair helps it go from drab to fab while waiting for your next salon visit! 

Lemonade Cocktails⭐

It’s a new year, a new vibe… so it’s time to find a new cocktail! We’ve created 5 custom cocktails for your hair to taste! Pucker up kerababes, these range from sweet to sour depending on your preference!

Lavender Lemonade: Mix 2.5 pumps Purple, 1 pump Lemon, 1 pump Original
Peach Lemonade: Mix 4 pumps Lemon, 1 pump Hot Pink, 1 pump Original
Very Berry Lemonade: Mix 1 pump Lemon, 1 pump Hot Pink, 1 pump Purple
Strawberry Lemonade: Mix 1.5 Lemon, half pump Hot Pink, half pump Red
Lemon-Limeade: Mix 3 pumps Lemon, half pump Teal, half pump Mint

The last couple of years the world got sour, but the Lemon will make this season sweet again! Whether you're enhancing your current color, creating a custom blend to suit your style, or giving one of our new lemonade cocktails a try, we know one thing to hold true:

"Pucker Up!", because when Keracolor gives you lemons, you make Lemon hair. 



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