Hopping into Spring Trends

Hopping into Spring Trends

We are springing into the warmer season and pumped about the hair trends that are coming with it! If you’ve been too busy to watch any of the recent award shows, we did the work for you and are here to tell you all about the hot trends the celebs we love are flaunting! It’s all about nostalgic hair and we couldn’t be happier to rock all these 90’s trends that seem to be resurfacing! Below are some modern ways of spinning our favorite 90’s styles.

Trending Haircuts

Curtain bangs are out, and Wispy Bangs are in! These bangs give a chic look with any style and tend to soften the face. They’re a great alternative to a dramatic bang, because if you decide to grow them out- they blend perfectly with face framing once they’re swept to the side! 

We are seeing a lot of Modern Shags on the red carpets! Honestly, some of these cuts are border line Mullets. You read that correctly. Mullets, who would've thought those would ever resurface? They’re here, they’re hot, and people rocking them look trendy af right now! Blunt Face Framing is a great way to baby step your way into a mullet if you’re too scared to make that leap! These layers around the face are bold enough to make a big statement! It gives the effect of a low-key mullet, with a more bearable grow out. Jennifer Aniston’s iconic ‘rachel’ haircut is a good inspo to show your stylist as it showcases Bold Layers. Ladies, we are prepared for this! These layers are being flipped out and we can’t help but reminisce on all the hours we spent perfecting this trend back in middle school! 

Color Trends

Say bye bye to the winter and the cool tones too! Warm Tones are heating up like the temps outside and we are here for it! If you’re used to the highlighted look, try glossing with a warmer hue this season! If you’re looking to refresh your current blonde, grab our Honey Color + Clenditioner. This gives the perfect golden blonde and will leave your hair looking like the buttery blonde we all love! If you’re a brunette, try adding in a hint of copper, red, or gold to your formulas this season. Warmth adds so much to color and looks full of shine, especially in natural lighting. Espresso Color + Clenditioner is perfect to use for a rich brown, especially if cocktailed with a pump of Red or Copper! Calling all gingers! It’s your time to shine babe! Reds are IN this season, whether it be a toned down red or a bold copper! Red and Copper Color + Clenditioners are going to be your new go-tos if you want to live on the wild side this spring! For a little extra squeeze of gorg, add a pump of Lemon Color + Clenditioner for added depth and shine! 

Our favorite of all time- Vivids! Bright, Bold, Beautiful! While it’s always a staple for some, vivid colors can seem intimidating. Not this season! We are seeing a lot more vivid tones trending on the ‘gram and keracolor is the perfect way to maintain any shade you choose! Our Color + Clenditioners are the perfect way to play with different shades due to them gradually fading with each wash. Feeling antsy? Pick up our Fade Effect Shampoo to speed up the fading process, and grab your next favorite vivid! Check out our Vivid Collection below:

Trending Styles

Honestly, every girl’s dream is trending right now. Topknots. Yup, the time has come. Our favorite lazy style is in, and we are pretty sure no one is going to complain about it. Try leaving a couple pieces down in the front around your face with an elevated top knot. Because you know, 90’s. So many people have been seen with this iconic hairstyle and we are LOVING. EVERY. SECOND.

Time is money, right? The top knot will save you time and so will a simple Messy Updo. Minimal effort, while looking good at the same time? Sign us up. Bold Braids are a hot commodity this season! Try adding some extensions to give you extra volume or length and it’ll give you more to work with for a thicker braid. We saved the last trend for last, accessories! Butterfly clips, hair pins, you name it! Adding accessories gives your style a youthful look, especially to those braids you'll be rocking. We never thought we’d see the day where we’d be on the search for butterfly clips again, but here we are! Accessories are perfect to add to any style this season, and are a simple way to make something effortless look dramatic.

“What a girl wants, what a girl needs…” We are singing Christina Aguilera while looking up all these flashback looks. We love it, and we’ve already lived through some of these, so we should be perfect at rocking them! Our Color + Clenditioners work great for achieving some of the color trends this season so be sure to stock up on all your faves! Let’s be honest, trends don’t circle back around for a long time, so be sure to document each and every one. Tag us in all your spring looks on instagram, @keracolorhair for a chance to be shown on our feed!



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