Hair Porosity & Halloween Hair

Hair Porosity & Halloween Hair

Spooky Season is here babes! 👻 The season in which we can pick a day to be who and what we want, and experiment with different looks! One of the biggest debates when it comes to costumes is whether to purchase a wig or to fully commit to your halloween vibe with actually changing your hair temporarily. There is one problem most don’t think about before making the big decision: Hair Porosity. Confused? We got you boo! Read on before actually changing your hair for that epic costume you have planned!


Keeping hair porosity in mind is something salon professionals do daily. However, if you’re not a stylist you’re probably wondering “what the heck is that?” Hair porosity is how well your hair absorbs and holds on to moisture. This is a major factor in how well your hair takes and holds onto color in your hair. The protective outer layer of your hair that's made up of cells is called the cuticle. If the cuticle of your hair lays flat that means you have low porosity, however, if the cells are spread far apart- that means you have high porosity. Low porosity generally means your hair is on the healthier side, whereas high porosity is most likely caused from heat or chemical damage. Low porosity hair is harder to retain moisture and when it comes to products or hair color- it doesn’t last in the hair quite as long. High porosity hair holds on to anything and everything that is applied to the hair, so when applying a temporary color you may want to think twice if it isn’t a color you only want temporarily. 


If you are unsure what your hair porosity is, there is a simple at home test you can do to find out! Grab a glass of water and take a strand or two of your hair from your hair brush. Simply place the strands on the glass and see what it does! If the hair stays at the top of the water, that means your hair has low porosity. If your hair sinks all the way to the bottom, you have high porosity! Sometimes people find it sits right in the middle and that just means you have medium or normal porosity!


Now that you know what your porosity is, it’s time to think about that Halloween hair, honey! If you have medium or low results, our Color + Clenditioners are perfect for your costume. Always keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different. Your color could fade out after 1 wash, or it could take 5. High porosity hair people: think about whether the color you’re debating is something you can wear on a daily basis after Halloween. Your hair will likely hold on to our temporary shades longer than you’re expecting. If it’s a vibe you don’t mind continuing on after spooky season, then you do you boo! 😘 If it’s something your boss won’t be happy to see you showing off in the office, a wig might be a better option this holiday. If you are looking to speed up the fade out process afterwards, grab our Fade Effect and cleanse well! Be sure to follow up with our OG Clenditioner and our Purify Plus to keep your hair soft, shiny, and smooth!


We get so many fun looks this season and the options are literally endless. Here are some of our favorite shades we’ve seen over the years that would be fun for Halloween!  🧡

Creating a custom potion for your hair this holiday is easy with our Color + Clenditioners. Be mindful of your hair porosity before taking the plunge, but if you do..we wanna see it, witches! Treat us to your tricky looks and tag us on Insta (@keracolorhair) for a chance to be featured on our feed!



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