Hair For The Holidays

Hair For The Holidays

Ho Ho Ho!🎅 The holiday season has officially kicked off babe! Are you ready? Us either! If you’re in a bind on how to prepare, we have some great gift ideas as well as some festive looks to get you looking your best for all the upcoming holiday events!  

Holiday Hair 

Is anyone else’s social calendar always overly busy this time of year, or is that just us? Between the work holiday get-togethers and friendsgivings, now is not the time to slack on TLC for your hair, honey! Our Keracolor Color + Clenditioners are perfect for temporarily getting into the holiday spirit! As always, rocking one of these shades solo is always a great decision, but some of these color combos will ensure you make Santa’s nice list! Let us just start by stating the obvious color choice for this season: Red. It’s bold, it’s vibrant, and it’s clearly Santa’s favorite color! Merlot comes in at a close second, because who doesn’t want to show up to Thanksgiving matching their favorite drink of choice? If going for the all over color is too much of a commitment, grab our KERACANVAS Lightening & Toning System. This is perfect for pre-lightening all over, but works great to lighten a few random pieces throughout the head. Once they are lightened to your desired level, pick your festive Color + Clenditioner and you’ll have yourself some cute highlighted pieces! Mixing any shade with the Original Clenditioner will allow you to customize a lighter color and have a variety of tones! 

Our favorite solo colors for the season: Red, Emerald, Merlot, Blue, and Silver Blue! Adding Platinum to Blue will also give you a different Icy shade. Having pieces of this and Silver Blue gives you a chilly dimensional look! Other festive color combos we love this season: 

Merlot & Mocha Latte- a light brunette with auburn tones!

Red, Merlot, Original Clenditioner- a fun twist on the warmer side

Blue & Platinum- chilly tone we know you’ll love

Emerald & Teal- try 2 pumps Emerald to 1 pump Teal... this combo would be so good split dyed with the other half of your head Red!

Tis the Season to Give

Okay, you’ve picked out the holiday hair, but showing up empty handed is frowned upon. Need some gift ideas? Keracolor has lots of fun goodies for your friends, family, or even you- add these to your own wish list! 

Keracanvas- Our Lightening & Toning System is essential for anyone looking to have unlimited options using our Color + Clenditioners. This system lifts and tones to get your hair to the shade needed before applying any of our temporary direct dyes! Pairing this with any of our Color + Clenditioners is the perfect gift! 

OG Clenditioner- This is a go-to gift for just about anyone. It’s a 2-in-1, meaning it will cleanse and condition all at the same time. This has no color deposit so it’s great for those that are just looking for a new product to keep their hair shiny, soft, and looking healthy! 

Fade Effect- This color fading shampoo is great to give to anyone that likes to change their colors often. It’s packed with Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, and Biotin.. 3 ingredients anyone that cares about their hair health loves to hear! This gently helps speed up the fading process in a safe way to prep the hair for its next makeover!

Preserve Plus- this heat activated styler works almost like a mini keratin treatment! Lasting up to 3 washes, this keeps the hair sleek, shiny, and looking soft in the dry winter months! The best part? It’s great for all hair types!

Color + Clenditioners for Brunettes- Obviously we 10/10 recommend all of our Color + Clenditioners as gifts, but the Rose Gold & Purple for brunettes work great for those not looking to pre-lighten their hair, but craving some fun too! 

Tis the season to look and feel our best… and sleigh those festive hair colors! If you’re lucky enough to get all your favorite Keracolor goodies, your hair is about to be as lit as the Christmas tree this year! Don’t forget to tag us in all of your fun holiday looks on Instagram (@keracolorhair) and be sure to show us what Santa puts in your stockings!  ❄️ ❄️  ❄️



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