Feel the Effects of Fade Effect

Feel the Effects of Fade Effect

Fashion colors are plastered all over our social feeds, they look incredible, but the worst is when you’re ready to change your look and the color won’t budge. Not long ago we released our color fading shampoo, Fade Effect  and it is the perfect go-to product when you’re thinking of a color change. Are you ready to get faded?

How to use Fade Effect

Fade Effect is perfect for speeding up the fading process with your current color! This works with any semi-permanent direct dye hair colors to bring down color intensity. Lather from roots to ends on damp hair for 1-5 minutes working gently through your hair. Simple. As.That! Keep in mind that the results and how often you will need to use this color fading shampoo depend on your current hair color intensity, and the porosity and condition of your hair. Cleanse a few times a week (followed by your favorite conditioner, but we recommend our Original Clenditioner for best results). For added strength, softness, and shine be sure to follow with our Purify Plus or Purify Plus Lite! Fade Effect will have you saying hello to a fresh canvas for your next Color + Clenditioner shade! 

Fade Effect Ingredients

The key ingredients in Fade Effect are by far the most beneficial thing about this shampoo! Many clarifying shampoos are harsh on our hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle if used too much. Here at Keracolor, we’re all about kindness! Kind color, kind for the environment, but most importantly kind on your hair. When it comes to the ingredients in Fade Effect you can guarantee results that are kind on your precious strands! 

Some of the key ingredients & benefits:

Keratin: Keratin smooths down hair cells to fill in any gaps in the cuticle and cortex to make hair stronger. This ingredient was built to improve hair elasticity and strength, bring a smoother/straighter texture, while providing UV protection and restoring moisture and shine for healthy hair. 

Coconut oil: Promotes scalp health, moisturizes hair, adds luster, shine and softness, while helping to protect hair from breakage and environmental damage. 

Biotin: Can help thicken hair, increase fullness, and adds shine. 

Vitamin C: A collagen boosting ingredient that helps restore the health and strength of your hair while helping loosen dyes from hair.

Seasons are changing and so is our hair color! Using Fade Effect will help you achieve your next vibrant color in a quicker way without having to worry about drying it out in the process! We get a lot of love on Insta with all your favorite Color + Clenditioner makeovers, but next time show us how you do it! Feel the effects of Fade Effect and show us how it’s done! Tag us in your reels and pics (@keracolorhair) next time you use Fade Effect and show us your transitions to your next gorgeous look! 



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