One of the greatest things about semi-permanent direct dyes is that they aren’t a permanent look and can be changed often to fit our vibe. Our moods and personalities can change as quickly as the weather- especially this last year, so Color + Clenditioners are the perfect solution for new temporary looks! While the hair type, condition, and porosity all play a part in how long these last, there are a few tips to remember before, during, and after your new color is applied. 


While our Color + Clenditioners remain gluten, sulfate, and paraben free, it’s important to test to make sure you won’t have any negative reactions. The reason colors don’t turn out can be a wide variety of factors such as allergies, hair type, medications, and what’s previously been applied to your hair. Before applying on your scalp or hair, we recommend a patch test. This ensures you will be in the clear of any negative skin or allergic reactions. It is recommended to take a small amount of the color and apply it behind the ear. Wait 24-48 hours before washing this off. If you experience any itching, redness, or burning, wash immediately and do not apply to your hair. If you experience no negative effects, you are in the clear to apply on a small strand of hair (think the size of your pinky finger) near the nape of your neck. This is called a test strand. This step may seem silly to some, but if you have any reservations about how the color will turn out, this is going to make sure you're 100% down for the new change before applying it on your entire head. Just apply to the test strand of hair, process, and rinse. If the color turns out how you’re hoping, it’s time for a change babe! 


When creating a custom color for hair, always remember that good ol’ color wheel. This is a staple in the hair world for stylists and there isn’t a day in the professional world it’s not used during formulating. Colors that appear across from each other on the color wheel neutralize one another.

When cocktailing our Color + Clenditioners, keep the cool ones together and the warm ones together. The only shades you can break this rule with are Copper or Red when mixing with our brunette tones and Platinum & Silver because they add an icy sheen to any tone. Always remember the lighter the hair, the better pastel & vivid colors will deposit, whether you’re cocktailing or not!


Unwanted pigments can be annoying, but a few of our shades work wonders for ridding those pesky colors! Platinum has a violet base that works great for keeping yellow at bay. This is perfect for blondes, as hard water, sunshine, and styling with hot tools all bring out warmth in your beautiful blonde over time. Using Platinum Color + Clenditioner a couple times a week will help your blonde stay beautiful and bright in between visits to the salon!

Silver works great for toning out brassy orange tones in medium blonde hair, while Silver Blue is the choice to neutralize orange on light brown hair or darker. The base of these tones is blue (opposite of orange) so it helps keep those ugly brassy shades to a minimum! (Pro Tip: Do NOT tone with Silver on very light blonde hair that has a yellow undertone. The blue base in Silver mixed with the yellow on your hair= green strands you don’t want!)

If you find your hair has a faint green sheen to it whether from chlorine or your normal color fading, Light Pink works wonders! Keep in mind if this is done on light blonde hair, you want to ensure you are only applying on the green areas. If the Light Pink is applied on blonde hair that has no green tint, you risk turning your blonde strands a pastel pink! 



The Original Clenditioner is perfect for many reasons! This should be a staple in your shower to use in between your favorite Color + Clenditioner to preserve your color. It’s a 2-in-1 that will cleanse and condition all at once, saving you time AND money (thank us later)! Another great way to utilize this is with any of our Color + Clenditioners. Mixing this with your favorite shade will dilute the color, making it lighter or more pastel if that’s your jam! (Keep in mind pastel shades work best on light blonde hair!)

Thanks to the internet we can learn how to do just about anything on YouTube, which is both amazing yet terrifying. Whether you're doing a simple all over Espresso look or doing a whole new you with our Keracanvas Lightening system, always be sure you’re getting to your desired look in a safe way. These tips and tricks will be a staple for your go-to Keracolor makeovers! Does anyone really want to be the highlight of a hair gone wrong Brad Mondo video for the world to see? Babe, leave that to the rookies! Don’t forget to tag us in your after photos on Insta @keracolorhair and check back soon for more Keralove!



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