Benefits of Color + Clenditioner

Benefits of Color + Clenditioner

Benefits of Color + Clenditioner

Craving a change? Need a refresh while waiting to see your stylist? We got you kerababe! The Hair God’s have heard your prayers and blessed you with the Color + Clenditioners. There is sure to be a shade (or two) that is going to be a new staple in your shower! Besides being gluten, cruelty, sulfate, and paraben free, there are so many other amazing benefits about our Color + Clenditioners. So, we broke down the top reasons we know you’ll love them:

3-in-1 Means We’re Saving You Time

 Keracolor Color + Clenditioners are 3-in-1 products. They will gently cleanse, deposit color, and condition all at once! Hop in the shower, apply evenly on hair, and let it work it’s magic while you go about your business. There is no need to use your normal shampoo and conditioner when you’re ready to rinse. Do just that- rinse!

Afraid of Commitment? We Got You!

Let’s be friends with benefits! Our products contain semi-permanent direct dye pigments which mean you can enjoy a temporary change without being permanently tied down forever. The Color + Clenditioners will gradually fade out from the hair. The amount of time the product will last in the hair is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair and the intensity of the shade. Want a faster fade out? Try a direct dye remover (more than one application may be required depending on the shade and hair type). Once you have a fresh canvas again, choose from any of our 19 shades for a new vibe! 

Maintaining Between Salon Visits

Ever wake up one day and BAM! All of a sudden you’re weeks overdue for a color, but your stylist shattered your dreams by telling you it’ll be a few more weeks before you’re back in that magical chair? Inhale In… Exhale Out.. and grab the Color + Clenditioner shade that best fits your current hair. These work perfectly for refreshing your already colored hair between salon visits. Many like to refresh 1-2x a week when they notice their hair is in a little extra need of some TLC. 

Pro Tip: Try using our Original Clenditioner to lock in your color when not using the Color + Clenditioner options. This helps lock in your color and moisture, keeping your hair feeling and looking like you’re Becky with the good hair!


Have hair that has unwanted brassy or yellow tones? GIRL, BYE! Here are a few options to try for kicking those pesky undertones to the curb:

Platinum: Recommended for lighter blonde hair to help neutralize yellow or golden tones

Silver: Recommended for medium to light blonde hair to help neutralize orange/brassy tones

Silver Blue: Recommended for darker blonde to light brown hair to neutralize orange/brassy tones

*longer processing times & more consecutive washes may be required and vary by person*

Options, Options, & More Options…

Whether you’re a high maintenance barbs or a basic B, we don’t discriminate and have something for everyone when it comes to our colors. The options are endless. Lucious, rich brunette? Check. Toning that brass out of blonde? Check. Rainbow vibes? Check. Honey, we have it all! Our Color + Clenditioners are totally customizable and can be cocktailed however you see fit. The more washes you do, the more deposit you will get!  Depending on the hair, longer processing times may be required. 

Pro Tip: Try mixing our Original Clenditioner with any shade(s) to dilute for a lighter tone! 

2021 is a whole new vibe babe. Time for change.. a colorful one! Show us your looks and creations on Insta and be sure to tag us (@keracolorhair) for a chance to be featured!  


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