Bright and light keeps a blonde’s mood nice, but we all know it ain’t easy keeping the color of your hair that way! They say blondes have more fun, but they also have quite a bit of upkeep to maintain those precious locks. Frequently after a pre-lightening service, your stylist will gloss or tone to help you achieve that drool worthy blonde. They fade quicker than you want, but sometimes balling on a budget holds you back from heading back to the salon as soon as you’d like. Babe, we know, talk about a vibe kill! Sunshine, hard water, chlorine, salt water, and even the amount of washes you do- all play a huge part in how quickly your perfect shade of blonde turns to a warm, dingy color. We have some easy tips you can do at home to help keep those strands looking amazing between your salon visits!

Purple Toning Drops

Our Kick Brass Toning Drops are basically the best thing to ever happen to blondes! No lie, these drops are a serious game changer! This helps keep those annoying yellow tones at bay. It can be used in so many different ways, and as often as you need. If you have a favorite shampoo or conditioner that you have a hard time parting with, just add a few pumps and Voila! …You have yourself a custom made new shower combo! This is also a great addition to any cream based styling products. Just mix your desired amount of drops in the palm of your hand with your desired styler. If you’re attempting to tone subtle amounts of yellow, 1-3 drops will work great, but adding 4-10 drops will give you the go big or go home result! 👋 Bye, bye yellow We promise this will be a new staple in your hair care routine! 

Silver Blue

So many brunettes struggle with seeing brassy tones in their hair, whether it’s from an all over color or highlights trying to gradually go lighter. The trouble with lifting through darker hair, is the frustrating phases that most don’t have patience for. Dark hair goes through so many stages before it lifts to just the right tone. The orange stage is by far the worst, but this is where Silver Blue comes in! Our Silver Blue Color + Clenditioner has an intense blue base which is beyond perfect for neutralizing the orange brassy tones from your brunette hair. Keep in mind, this will NOT lift your hair lighter, but it will tone down how aggressive the warmth is. Using this color as a toner on brunette hair will be the new holy grail until your next salon visit…😉 you’re welcome!

Silver VS Platinum

We get a lot of questions about our Silver vs Platinum Color + Clenditioners. Silver has a blue base to help neutralize brassy orange tones, whereas Platinum has a violet base to neutralize yellow tones. This is very important to remember when applying on your hair, and the reason goes back to the basics. What does Blue + Yellow create? That’s right… Green. The one tone that no blonde ever wants to see on their precious strands. If applying Silver on too yellow of hair, you run the risk of seeing hints of faint green due to the blue base. Always remember Blue counteracts Orange, and Violet (or purple) counteracts Yellow!

Unwanted Green & Light Pink

We already know what you’re thinking after reading that last paragraph.. BUT WHAT IF MY HAIR ALREADY HAS A FAINT GREEN CAST? Babe, take a breath and grab yourself a bottle of our Light Pink Color + Clenditioner! Applying Light Pink on the faint green areas of your hair will help neutralize that color you despise! If applying to light blonde hair, be sure to stick to just the desired areas that need toning. If Light Pink touches your lighter blonde strands, there is a risk it will deposit pink. (I mean, we do love a good bubblegum tone though!) This is a great toning tip for salon professionals too! Light Pink is an amazing product to have on hand for backbar, as you never know when you’ll need a quick fix! 👋 Goodbye Green 

Yellow, orange, green… while we do love these colors, we love to see them disappear from our blonde hair even more! Already in on the secrets of toning and using any of these already?

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