Keratin Infused Clenditioner

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Keep your hair color locked in with our keratin infused clenditioner just one of our many keratin infused hair care products. Our keratin infused clenditioner you replaces your current shampoo and allows your new hair color to shine! Keracolor clenditioner is a gentle 2-in-1 non-lather shampoo replacement in our keratin infused hair care line locks in your hair color, shine & softness. 


  • 2-in-1: Cleanse & Condition
  • Helps lock in color and boost brilliance
  • Krystal Color Complex neutralizes water in your hair for max vibrancy
  • Lather-free formula helps evade fade
  • Use as a daily maintenance to extend color longevity
  • Smooths & detangles
  • Key Ingredients
  • Keratin promotes strength, shine & softness
  • Coconut Oil provides lush hydrates while adding shine and softness
  • Shea Butter helps seal in moisture for more radiant color
  • Rosehip Seed's antioxidants nourish hair and scalp
  • Jojoba Oil helps strengthen hair with B-complex vitamins

Keratin Infused Hair Care?? Tell me more.

Keracolor Clenditioner is a cleanser that replaces your shampoos that have been stripping your color, natural oils, & inherent beauty from your hair.

It’s all about your water.

Water is a thief in disguise and chlorine & trace minerals in your water steal your color, softness, and body. Keracolor’s Krystal Water Complex™ neutralizes those offenders leaving you with beautiful freshly colored hair.

Clenditioner?? Tell me more. Keracolor Clenditioner is a conditioning cleanser that replaces your shampoo. All this time shampoo has been stripping the color, natural oils, & inherent beauty from our hair. Clenditioning your hair retains essential oils, and locks in color while gently whisking away dirt with a no-lather whisper.

It’s all about your water. Water is a thief in disguise. Chlorine & trace minerals in your water are stealing color, softness, and body. All the heroics but without the cape, Keracolor’s Krystal Water Complex™ neutralizes those offenders, leaving behind gorgeous “hello there” hair.

  • 2 -in-1 Product
  • Conditioning cleanser
  • Maintain your hair color vibrancy
  • Sud-free formula, will not wash out color
The kindest of color
  • All Keracolor products are: sulfate, paraben + gluten free
  • Keratin infused formula
  • Kind ingredients include: coconut oil, shea butter, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, & almond oil
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  • 1. Rinse hair thoroughly.
  • 2. Generously apply Keracolor Clenditioner.
  • 3. Leave on for 1–2 minutes before rinsing.
  • 4. Rinse. Style as usual
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Joyce Kneupper

    Love it

    Vicki Bauer
    Pump it up!

    #1 the pump will not release

    #2 the color stains skin — my hands were blue until several washings with strong hand soap

    #3 the application instructions are vague and didn’t suggest gloves!

    #4 the instructions don’t suggest shampooing and applying in the shower

    #5 I applied a small amount (what I could remove from the extracted pump tube 3Xs) to my short greying-brown hair. I left it on for 4 minutes. The grey and brown are now a steel color. Though that’s now what I expected, I’m very happy with the results. I will continue using this product and May explore results after leaving on longer. It’s a shame the pump is stuck. Yes. I turned in the direction indicated by the arrow (which is not all that evident).

    Renee LeBlanc


    Elizabeth Lazo
    Love this product!!!

    I have fine reddish blonde hair and my hair doesn’t do well with other cleansing conditioners I’ve tried. Clenditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down, get greasy the next day, and my color looks shiny and healthy

    Christine Retzer
    Keep the color

    Clenditioner keeps the color & when it’s time to wash hair, it also conditions.